Monday, July 08, 2013

RG Zaku II MS-06F WIP (As if the detailed parts are not enough)

Hi gang, it's been awhile since I been here, lot of things happening around me and I kinda neglecting this little hobby of mine. Of course there are other things for me to worry about for example, my girls are getting more and more interesting in what I do in my spare time. They would climb up my work chair and playing with the tools. A few thing I have to remember by myself are:

1. DO NOT put your tools everywhere on your work desk, put them back in after use.

2. Clean up your work desk after work.

3. Put all kits in the cabinet provided. (I need to buy another one when I get a new house)

4. If possible, make your own hobby room/office (LOL like that would happen)

Currently our BPG is making a GM vs. ZAKU group build which ends at August 24th 2013 and a lot of members in the group is taking part. So the participating individual get to choose which faction they want to be in, only GMs and ZAKUs are allowed. (From my own point of view, zaku theme expand throughout the SEED universe as well so that can be entered, as long as they have the word ZAKU in it.)

They can do OOBs or modify as much as they want in this GB. I'm also joining with my RG Zaku II. Everything went well at 1st, I wasn't thinking of going overboard with my build until my little angel came up to me with a missile pod and the Bazooka, stuck together with a blu-tack. It all went downhill from there.

 Beautiful little bugger.

 There was some extra bits and parts left in the RG runners, so I was thinking... Why the hell not.

 A little different from what I expected. Adding a pipe made from a corner runner bit does the job.

 Minimal plate works, still a long way to go.

 This was the hardest part, trying to make symmetrical lines.

 Here's the idea that started out in the first place. She put a blu-tack underneath and gave it to me.
"What a great twisted mind you have...."

So I jammed 3 plates together, made a rectangular hole for it to put through and it was easy peezy.

This is where I am now. Still finding more ideas on what I can do for the rest. I hope it won't be too late.


Q said...

I actually like the idea of sticking the missile pod to the bazooka, which gives the weapon more of an in-field modification feel to it.

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