Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For a Good Cause

My wife works in the hospital as a therapist, and she told me one day that this traumatic depressed patient she attended to knows a lot about robots and can do drawings and writings. It's funny that some parents don't approve of such art, this patient is a 20 year old young man who couldn't get what he wanted, to be a graphic artist design, in which the parent strongly opposed saying that its not a good work or a waste of time, I tell ya guys... Graphic artist makes the world a more colorful place to live in. Without them, there's no gunpla! So I decided to give this guy a boost by making him one. ( Strangely enough, he likes the old MIGHTY GOBOTS series, which to me, is quite amazing, but hey` that's how I started to like robots too!)

Okay here it is, it's kinda cheap, So I think it's an old version

The reason I bought a HongLI TT is... I'm kinda broke =.='

Complete with biodata too.

Comes with 3 runners... Oh boy here we go!

Clang clang!!


Syful: whats this? Oh well, let's throw it in there...

RX78: Hey wassat?

Strike noir: Dunno, something....

RX78: hey whats this?

Syful: HEY!! Don't touch that!

Strike Noir: Duh! Now you done it.

Kos-Mos: Master? Do you require assistance?

Syful: No thanks dear, I got it *BzzzT* Arkkhh!!!

Kos-Mos: When will I get my review master?

Syful: Soon... *whirr*

Kos-mos: As you wish master.

Syful: ... And I'm done!

Here it is! Now Saviour... Don't be shy~

Saviour: Why... did you build me?
Syful: Uh...

Saviour: Oh woe is me... Why hast thou created me..
RX78: Oh dear.. a Shakespearian..
Syful: =.='

RX78: Whats all the hubub, bub?
I can really see the difference in the molding. the plastic
is kind of softer than the original, and the connecting part is quite hard
to put into.

RX78: All for a good cause buddy! lemme hear a whoop whoop!!
Saviour: *whisper* what is this idiot up to?
Syful: *whisper* Uh... don't mind him....

RX is getting way ahead of himself.

I don't really mind making something not from Bandai, but boy, this is hard!
The elbow joint and the knee joint is molded together and the articulation is limited.
But for the patient, I did the best I can.
Shana: No you didn't you lazy ass! You didn't glued him up well!
Syful: well, it's a basic kit, so let the guy be happy with it
Shana: Urusai! Urusai! Urusai! I don't like it!
Syful: =.='

RX is friendly, he's trying to cheer him up as Saviour silently looks on.

Lets hope the patient can have a morality boost when he sees this, all they wanted is a little push to do what they wanted to do, so parents! Listen up! Don't control your kid too much! Let them be what they want to be or do what they want to do, as long as its not a bad thing.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nubs Removal

Now here it is, my 1st tutorial of nub removals, maybe some of you have different techniques of it, please share with us, I'm just a beginner too, all trash talk aside, here we go!

I bought this at the RC shop, yeah I know, I should have ask for commission
from the owner for advertising online... LoL

It comes in 6 pieces, 400x2, 600x1 and 1000x2.
Here, I cut them into squares (2cmX2cm)

Here's how I cut the nubs, same as everybody else, right?

I cut more with my nipper as close as I can get to the part.

File it slowly and lightly, not to leave too much marks or scratches
from the file

Less scratches right?

I start with the 400, notice the flow when I'm sanding it.

Then I go for the 600, I fold the paper so I don't have to use much.
See the grind, it's starting to smooth

Since the nubs was in 2 different places, I decided to sand the entire surface.

Use 1000 after the 600. Don't mind the dust if you have the protective mask on.
you can brush off the excess with a toothbrush or any other soft brushes

Here's an extra info, nail buffers!! There's 3 surfaces here,
the black - coarse, white - fine, green - smooth finish on the other side.
I go for only black and white, I don't want my parts to shine like a brand new car.

How you do with the nail buffers are simple:
Use the coarse and do exactly as you do with sanding, then use the white,
green is only when you want your parts to shine.

Can you see where the nubs were?

Thats what I call a good finish.

So there you go, Now here's another thing, if you wanna go for the color change, I suggest you to not use the buffer, and let it be by the sandpaper, then you spray the selected parts that you want to change color by surface primer 1st, and let it dry.

The purpose of the surface primer is to cover all the scratches from the filing and the sanding. Also it can use to cover the parts where you glued them together.

So If there's any missing skill that I don't know about, let me know and we can share ^^

Friday, December 25, 2009


Tonight is the night that I can't do anything right. This is one of my most feared emotion when I can't concentrate on my gun-pla and just sit around reading manga online.

It's just one of those days...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

DV6000 Under Construction

In case you're wondering if that is a new Gundam you never heard of, it's not. It's just my laptop undergoing some major cleaning from Spywares & Malwares, I had problems this morning when I got connected online in my office. When I was surfing... ehem, researching. I came across the problem which is: I'm online, but I can't surf anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE, be it using a portable modem or wi-fi, I just can't figure out why, so I went to my local persocom shop and asked what went wrong, the dude was fast, he checked, then told me that i have those spybot... Long story short, right now I'm using my sister's macbook, which is quite unfamiliar to me till now, so yeah....

Merry Christmas everybody! And have a great weekend!

A few pictures for your viewing pleasure ^^

Blue Frame, anyone know what version is this?

A complete body armor, sweet!

Guys, this is what I'm looking for, the Third Frame

I guess this is a more bulkier version of the Blue Frame

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My 1st Figma (?)

Lots of my blogger friends got figmas, i wanted to have one too, but unfortunately there was none to my liking except for Haruhi, Asashina or Yuki. So in times of desperate measure (dried up wallet) I got this guy instead. Thanks to CH ^^

The super poseable RX-78!

The articulation in each and every one of the joints are impressive.

I wonder if I can do some lining ...

It can stand on its own!

Nice flex, no muscle tho

RX wanna start its own traditional
Japanese dance, the Obori?

Humable model, even Microsoft words don't know
what it meant.

Still can't get used to the Alpha camera...
Look at all those noise =.='

Along with the Obitsu body stand, he can do more pose!

That's a quick review for tonight, I wanna start on a new project, but sadly enough, I don't have the mood for it, that's just me, I need the mood.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


When I bought I 1st Nendoroid, I also bought my sister (Current Mario kart Champ in the family) a Yoshi micro RC. Since she liked Super Mario series so much, her ex bought her a 12" Super Mario figurine as her birthday present. Now as for me, I don't mind seeing him watching me work on my previous project, but every night when I go to sleep, I out him outside and lock him up in a cage. Just so he won't grow up after eating a mushroom and stomp on my head, LoL!

It was quite cheap, so I bought it anyway, kinda cute.

the box was damaged a bit, other than that,
the product was okay.

This little sucker comes with a remote control, extra wheels(I doubt that it'll have a flat tire...)
and two weapons...

Yes... they are weapons, If you played Mario Kart on DS, GBA or N64,
you would know.

Yeah, this was fun for a while, runs on those little watch batteries for a few solid
hours, but nonetheless, very helpful to scare the cats away! ^^

1000 kill count

Wow.... That cause for a celebration:

G-X: yeah right...
Syful: Why do you keep dissing me?
G-Wing Z: that's cause you didn't bring him along when you moved up to the city.
Freedom: I don't mind ^^
G-X & Exia; SHUT UP!!

Syful: ....


Whne I was looking at G-tyro's blog, He showed us a cool nike shoes that he bought, in which made me remember something that some of you might forget...

 the color theme seems familiar to you?

And this?

 Yeap, Nike produced gundam based Nike shoes!

Char Aznable version too!!

This is the Vince Carter version ( I guess he likes Gundam)

Sweet Red mama!!

I'm not much of a basketball shoe fan, worth to collect

Gotta love the emblem

You gotta admit, these guys know how to make money

I'd love to take one of these as a collection

Like I said I'm not much of a sport shoe user, Give me boots anytime, I consider myself a 4WD on legs hahaha