Sunday, February 27, 2011


Not much of a post, but here's something that I've done so far...

Now... back to PG building... =.='

Another parting shots.. heheh

What You Shouldn't Do to a Gunpla... EVER!

One of those day where you shouldn't do to a gunpla....

 BearGuy: Uhmm.. ok you're twisting my arm...

 Bearguy: Ow.. Ow.. My ear.. Ow.. Ow..


Bearguy: WHAZZAT???

Bearguy: OW OW OW MY EAR OW OW OW!!!

Baby: No good... Not edible..

Bearguy: YA DON'T SAY???


Gunplas: GASP!!! She's smiling!!! RUN!!

Stark Jegan: Snap fitting...

Not much for the night, just a few snaps & edit. Enjoy

Body part, shall I cut the titties? LoL

 Those missile pod are somewhat a hindrance for his optical sensor

Maybe it's time to play with the pla-plates....

 Sy: No.. Dude, you ain't one of those centurions yeah?
NO PowerXTREME! the baby is sleeping...

St.Jeg: No? awww.... ok then...

Action pose time!

Like a Frankenstein under construction...

G'nite folks.. Another story tomorrow.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

~Chong Hock Toynation Soft Opening~

Chong Hock finally open it doors to collectors around Brunei with their new shop called CH-Toynation, which specialize extremely on collectibles, toys, figmas, PVC, you name it, its all there. Me, Billy and our favorite Ecchi Sensei David John Shewsbury went there to have a look.

 Cool Logo!
 Shop's layout
 Some wooden swords, I think that one is from Naruto,
And the other one is from Bleach (bleakh... LoL)


 This is in the wish list!


 This one.. meh... I like it without the f"lippers"
Some figmas... I can see... Azunyan~

 A few GFFs, Revoltechs, Kamen Riders

 This is the Transformers section

K-on PVC bikini series... I see Yoko too!
THe HG monster is up the shelf...

Last but not least... Congrates ERIC, we are your loyal consumers!!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Shape Of Things To Come...

Been a long time since I got married and my poor old blog accumulating dust over a few month, now that I've settled in and eased down, it's time to move back up to the gunpla world and keep on working, but first...


EOS 60D Canon, after a long line of camera selections, I managed to convinced the bank to turn their tails and do their work as if nothing happen and I get this! Muwahahahahah!!!

But seriously this camera is off the hook, and along with Canon 430EX II speedlite, I'm in a temporary DSLR haven... until my wife slapped my head that brought me back down to earth...

Now lets get some test shots!

No one else would do, she's my only model heheh...

And Finally mummy came along!!
Oh and she's 4 month old now.

Now that the tests are done, time to build! here's what I've done so far...

Took me nearly half of the morning to finish these arms!

Oh and I finally got what I've been searching for all these gunpla years... IC SOCKETS!!

It's small tho....