Thursday, January 28, 2010

Waiting to be build (Backlog Item)

Hi Hi ^^ for the past few month I have been working, horsing around and yet when I wanted to get something, I just get it, but unfortunately, I haven't get to build any of it due to tiredness, work and building SD for my wife as she requested. Here are some gunplas that are waiting to be alive ^^

RX: like I said, lazy ass bum LoL

Syful: all right, that's it... SY'S BELLY DROP!



Noir: ooouuu... that's gonna leave a scar...

Strike: he was asking for it.

G-Wing Z: blabbermouth.

Nendrossel: Oh~ Extra parts ^^

here it is folks! ^^

hail buster, this one already done... well... not in the backlog..

HG 1/100... hmm?

AH.. this is more like it, MG 1/100

Blue Destiny 2, still needs some more cement for some parts,
so It's not done yet

Haruhi RX-7... decal scares me..

The Mighty Sinanju, Decals scares the crap outta me on
this one too

The Strike twins, I'm gonna have fun with these soon

 AHA!! No comment on this one ^^
the 2nd Strike, would matte black can do for this?

And finally, I bought this one today,
Char's Zaku MG clear part campaign.

And for that, Till I'm done with the SDs that my wife requested, these will not be done... Oh actually my MG blue frame is next.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All boys fantasy came to my gunpla addition

Sorry for the lack of post everybody~ gomen gomen ^^

RX: lazy ass bum....

Gunplas: LOL

Syful: hey, screw you aite? get back on the shelf before I take that sound unit of your noggin.

so yeah, I was busy with work and all, projects, scripting bla bla bla, then one day I came around to our local toy store (CH, where else?) And browse around, going to the usual gunpla section, I stumbled upon some magazine, now usually I only look for Dengeki or Hobby Japan magazine for some techniques and tips. But My eyes caught attention to NEWTYPE magazine with something on it... Sooo..... here it is ^^

Newtype magazine, your numero uno is the latest anime release.
But wait... Whats this? Look on the lower right.

YES! It's our lovable Haruhi-chan~!

Still sucks with the camera, but I did my best to enhance it with photoscape

Next 2 issues will be coming with Yuki and Mikuru!!
Can't wait!

But then.. something was missing.. Can't be Haruhi alone... So I went back in again to get....

Haruhi's own RX-7!!
From Aoshima.

After I'm done with SDs, This is next.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Addition to Gunpla Family

Noir: uhum... So Syful today bought a huge loot from our local favorite toy store and got some of his long awaited order purchase, and so... we're not gonna be long are we?

RX: Uhm no... we got loads to pack up, weapon storage, beam saber lockers... Do we have everything?

G-Wing Z: hey whose beam rifle is this??

Strike: that's mine!

Noir: And so... without further ado, I give you shorty~!

Gunplas: LOL

Secret Character: WHO YOU CALLING SHORTY???

Syful; *hint*hint* some of you got her hew hew hew

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey guys, sorry for the lack of post for the past week. Things seem to be a lot of changes this week for me, I'm quitting my job and trying to go back to my hometown and find other suitable jobs there, what I mean by suitable  here is not really what I had in mind, I'm just finding a job just so to able to get what I want! HUAHAHAHA MORE GUNDAMS! MORE FIGMA! MORE CHOGOKINS!! Nahh... just kidding, it's just some personal issue I have to take care of, but those are some of the necessities in life where you just had to change for the better, I haven't been building too lately and giving tips the way I wanted it to be, so yeah, expect a couple of absence week from time to time, but I will come up once in a while. Soreja~!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fixed Zeta

When I bought the Humable( still can't get the damn thing to be inputted in the dictionary) RX78

RX: Hey!!

Syful: Whut? (holding a butter knife)

RX: oh nothing~ la la la

Syful: That's what I thought, Well... When I bought him, I also bought one that has never been reviewed before, lets just say that he's the Silent type, can't move anywhere but just doing that post for the rest of his life.

Zeta: ...

Here's the box, original from Banpresto

Usual Jap text, could never understand any of those.

All packed up neatly in it's individual plastic

Main body, kinda bent, maybe thats how it goes.

I think they wanna do an exact replica, but the plastic seems
 kinda melted.. probably from the heat.

All the body parts ready to connect... Have you guys noticed something yet?

the beam saber a.k.a lizard tail.. LoL

Here's the complete form, excuse the noise. I have to rendered the picture fit for
web images

has its own stand... I quite like it

Full frontal attack mode it seems

The hard part was connecting each joints, I had to cut a bit to make it fit

Nice pose actually, I wonder you guys noticed it already..
*Hint Hint* marker pen

oh well... It's all white! there's no black panel lining!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Chubb's SD poisoning

I was out with my wife today and we went to our local new Gundam shop called Anime Passion. I wanted to get new markers, and she was just browsing around when she noticed a few SD boxes neatly stacked on the display window, she suddenly got so excited... and well... she bought these...

A horse... 1st time I see this...

She bought this because, this one kinda looked like me..

Ok I admit I like this one, who wouldn't love a duel wielding Axe robot?

And I got my markers too... She likes it, but I'm the one building it haha..


One day i was driving to get my order... (Dum Di Dum Daaa... I wonder what that is... hehehe *hint*hint*)
My car jerked and something went dead. So with my crappy camera phone, I took another one... LoL

My speedometer went dead =.='

Now I don't know how fast I'm going, not that I care how fast I am mwhahahahah!!

Star Trek? Or Star Trek?

While I was driving down a hill and came to a stop, something flashed in a glimpse of an eye, that I just have to take a crappy photo from my phone. Then I thought of something similar, and could this be a coincidence? I'm not much fan of this TV/Movie series, but this really makes you wonder.

This logo is from a foreign manufacturer

And this is from Star Trek.. Any differences?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Going on Hiatus

Since I'm gonna be busy with video editing works (not porn if thats what your thinking.. hentai~) I'll have to leave my post for a while... So you guys have fun and enjoy what you're doing, I'll try to be back in a week or so..

Jyaaa neee~~

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New target on the shopping list...

Lets just say I have those 1/60 exia and strike... but what about a chogokin? The thing I'm looking at here is not something for weak heart..

That's right boys, CHOGKIN DROSSEL
at 18cm tall! I found in

made out of ABS, die-cast metal and PVC

comes with 3 interchangeable heads

also comes with Orbuchev and Belinda unit.

hehehe... already booked and bagged... ^^ Jyaa neee

Pictures from

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Along a silent pathway, walked alone a warrior... 

Seeking truth and justice... 


And vengeance...

This a story of one woman, fighting for what is right...

Stay tuned...

The Emergence of a Giant

One day Strike was having a walk around the room, as he high-jump to the dining table, he discovered something...

Strike: Huh? Someone left a pair of legs?

Strike: WTF?? Where did the body part comes from??

Exia: Dude =.=' It's me...
Strike: Holy Gunmetal!! Damn I thought it was some fake gunpla in progress..
Exia: F*** off... =.='

Strike: I'll help you get fixed up!
Exia: Gee... Thanks (in sarcastic tone)

Exia: Look, if you just could just search for my head, that'll be fine, Strike.
Strike: Sure thing dude ^^ (I'll kick his head while he's not looking heheh)
Strike: Oh nothing ^^'
Exia: That's what I thought.

Exia: Da di da~ Shield one done..

Exia: Shield 2 with grandslam attached and a gun...
I wish Bandai could get me bigger guns instead of 7 swords... =.='

2 hours of waiting....
Exia: Where the hell is he...

Strike: Looking for this? Hehehe
Exia: WHY YOU.... Gahh.. *sigh*
Stirke: You should really take some anger management you know that? ^^
Exia: Shut up... >.<

Strike: And here we are crowning for the king~
Exia: Get it over with... =.='
Strike: Ouuhhh Sparkly~ LoL

Exia: Finally... I am complete...


Exia: Let's grab some fuel, I'm thirsty, I'm buying
Strike: Cool dude ^^