Saturday, May 28, 2011


Right guys I'm gonna go straight to the point, After looking at the Gundoom review, I must say I was pretty amazed with the functionality of the parts, with the plastic composite was near to Bandai-grade and its availability in Brunei, I was also sure I was never gonna get it.

To my surprise tonight while I was shopping around at a certain shopping mall to my usual gundam sale spot in Miri, I was shocked as an old woman getting a discount sale at a supermarket. Originally I was there to get some tools and other stuff, but this guy showed up unexpectedly behind a glass panel.

Yup, This guy says it all... 

Eat your heart out GWZ!!!

I hope the detail is correct

If that is not cool, look at the inner box

Thats the funny thing, NOT FOR SALE

All runners are accounted for

Including these bugger that hid well within the box

Lets see how good I can make it as much as the 

Friday, May 20, 2011

They have come back!

It's been almost past a year since I left the old apartment, due to some certain fuck-ups made in the past....

Yesterday a single phone call made my day... My siblings and I went back to the old apartment to retrieve back what was rightfully ours, and so... I snatch up everything that I can including the backlogs, stashed them in my car and went home...

But first, my giants, they have been standing there in the old display waiting for me to secure them

My giants...
Except for the one behind, he's not mine

Will be finishing this guy in June, Once the decals arrive

My Punky Exia

My mysterious, yet comedic Strike

And this guy! The all out "Can't-wash-his-mouth-right"

Among other things... I need to get a detolf cabinet...