Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Holla everybody.

As some of you know I build Gundam as a hobby(Duh!) And I also told some of you guys that I have never watch any of the Gundam series, NEVER. But today, I broke those statement by buying this

A Gundam 0079 TV Series

Looks entertaining on the back, probably some of
you guys have made a diorama from some of the scene
that I'm going to see.

It looks original, feels original...
but the best part is...

Only cost me THAT much!!

Years and years ago this very boxset I have now, costs BND70 at the time... Worth the wait huh?
Now I can catch up with whatever you guys were talking about in the Gundam universe, so I might need help on what to see next after I finish with this.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hi Fellas!

ING: Syful won't be entertaining you guys but it is I!! the mighty INGRAM!!

RX: Mighty?? Gyahahahaha

*coke can got thrown, direct hit*

ING: So as I was saying, here's the new koto kits line the dude made after Masurao, poor fella, he's went back in the box.. hehehehe

MAS: I heard that!

ING: here we go, he started off the the waist unit, 
it looks like something ugly came out from the Transformer
movie franchise.

ING: This little dude, starting to take form, 
notice that it's just a snap fit build,
He's a little bit down and lazy.

ING:I envy the gun tho...

ING: and the little bugger is happy

ING: So I came in to welcome him

ING: Nuff said~!!

*Syful walks in*

ING: Oh crap!! run like hell!!

Syful: Oii!!! WTF man!!!

K-ON! Photoshoot

Hey gang, ever since Masurao was back in the box, I couldn't have the confidence in building Bandai Kit just yet, So I figured I wanna rest for a while and enjoy some rock songs... And these girls are entertaining my sorrows.

Yui with her Sunburst Les Paul Gibson
which is always a favorite guitar of mine too.

The lovable Mio

Ditzy Mugi

Ritsu.. I can't put a word on to her...

And the whole gang... Say... Aren't we missing someone?

Masurao WIP part 2... & the nightmare begin

Lets start off with something simple... and on to every gunpla nightmare.... *SNAP*

The hands have got some nice variation..

I kinda like the color mixing here

As it is...

That pointy thing there was kinda hard to 
taped everything around it.

The ugly side...
After much time wasted on drinking sodas & watching animes..

I'm proud he is done...
time for some posing pictures

And then... this happen...

This round joint suddenly snapped off my big clumsy hand


I share his pain...


So fellas... If there is anything you can help me with, please let me know, I'm keeping him back in the box until I can find some answers on how to fix it.

Masurao WIP part 1

Hey Fellas,

It's about time that I build Bandai kit again, So I started out with My only HG at the moment which is Masurao. I don't fancy HG that much because it's much too small for my hands to mod, carve OR let alone paint, but at this point, Masurao is kinda appealing to me and I decide to try it out.

1st thing 1st, I look for the base stand LoL

A little primer and matte black, looks cool

I can't figure out why the back unit looks like a fan...

One of the reason I don't build HG much.
How am I gonna paint the eyes...
My hands are too big.. LoL

Yup, RX came to annoy him as well...