Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hobby Base 1/144 Mechanical Hands Review

Ola people!

After further delays of un-assembled mechas and lots of stressful work that I nearly completely forgotten about this old blog of mine(Maybe I should switch to WP instead eh?) I came across one day a support kit that can change the whole life of 1/144 HG kits forever! I first saw it from Gundam Guy and I was totally engrossed by it, took me month to gather information and looking for suppliers, at long last, today our favorite local Hobby shop CH-Toynation, was selling this only stuff and I just closed my eyes and brought it. Without further adieu, here it is.

All the previews at the back

2 Runners, and instruction manual on the back.

Like so. Sarge is inspecting all the material.

Be VERY CAREFUL about this micro joints!
They are very, VERY small and can be easily disappear 
if not handled correctly.

The back of the hand, usual stuff.

These are pegs for the wrist connectors. The longer version,

and the shorter version.

The thumbs, each joints are bendable!

Trying the most famous hand gesture, 
The FacePalm.

Used to be famous hand gesture, falls into second place, 
The Middle Finger.

So this is how it looks like.

Trying a few more, The Reaching hand

Can't resist this one.

And finally Elenor has taken a liking for Sarge...
But Sarge thought differently now.. With those new hands of his...