Saturday, February 20, 2010

A very long Hiatus

Hey guys, sorry for the disappearance, I've came to a some personal trouble in life and need to sort out, so my hands off the tools and gunplas for awhile. So have fun out there aite? When I'm back online, I let you know.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mio is here!!

While Shana & Drossel went out for a walk sharing battle stories
Drossel: And I was like *KAPAOOWW* to his jaw
Shana: damn, direct hit?
Drossel: Yea! And he just went down like a bird dropping!

Drossel: you should've seen... huh?

Drossel: Sy! you bought new nendo??
Syful: (drinkin cold water) pffrrhh!! huh wha?? oh yeah, her name is Mio
Shana: I can see that...
Drossel: Why haven't you open it?
Syful: Hey I just got back.

Shana: oh look! Sy bought back a pig!
Drossel: that's just a sign that shows it's original from GSC.
Shana: Kehh...
Syful: *almost to a whisper* poor little bootleg...
Syful: uhmm.. nothing

Drossel: Look, If you don't wanna open it I will! She's suffocating in there!
Syful: hum? oh go ahead, I'm taking a bath
Shana: Pig...grrr...
Shana: Nothing~ *pig*

D: oii! help me!
S: Like I want to!
D: What's your deal? Just help me topple this over

Drossel and Shana pushed down the box
D: ooff!!
S: Oww!!
Syful in the bathroom: .... what the hell are they doing...

S: oww oww oww!! My knees! oww oww oww!!
D: .... (idiot)

D: hmm... Where is that sticker to open this...
S: ... how can you open it?
D: you're not gonna help are you?
D... (Idiot strikes again)

D: Nyahaha!! I got this from Sy's toolbox!
Sy: Oii!! Put it back when you're done!
D:Shut up and go get dress, ugly!
Sy: Who you callin' ugly??

After much cutting and slicing, finally Mio is out!!
Mio: Ohh thank you, thank you!!
D: Don't mention it ^^

D: Always glad to help another nendo.. (and making an army for me.. heheh)
Mio: Ohh you're so kind~
S: ... ggrr....

Mio: Oh thank you too Shana~
S: Grrhh... urusai Urusai URUSAI!!
Mio.. guhh...

And there you go folks! Mio is added to the Gunplas family~!!

Jya nee!!

D: OII!! Don't just stand there naked!

Syful... =.='

New Tools and loot ^^

After spending a few days of rest and relaxation in another country, me and my wife too the time shopping for stuff, she's with her books, I'm with... well you know what, Also I got a special tool from Singapore (thanks to chubbs for buying it and David John to bring it here) and the rest is from MIRI XD lets have a look!

 these craft saw are very fine indeed click here to find out how,
here'ssss Chubbs tutorial

Twist drill, now we're cooking, for those who has the craziest idea to modify,
here's one of the tools to help

HAHA betcha didn't think I would buy Unicorn Gundam
I bought 2~!

I might need your help for this one, who is she???
She looks better than Son-Goku MG

Thursday, February 04, 2010

SDs are done!! WITH PICTURES!!

the SDs are done of course la, don't have any picture yet, will reveal soon enough, today very busy, new craft saw, new project plan, new... ooeerr... what ah? ah heck, BLUE FRAME ON THE GO!!

Hi Hi ^^ I saw Mio (K-ON!) just when I was done having lunch with my wife at the mall (if any of you guys outside Brunei don't know what the mall is, IT IS called THE MALL.... =.=') 69.90BND!! And it's original too.

But thats not what I had in mine.... I present to you~ My 1st SDs

Being a little over dramatic here..heheh

you can see some early flaw on the head... need more skill in tape masking

Done the best I could.

I like doing this part, painstakingly difficult with all the curves

Haha how you like them app... err... thighs?
Exhaust vent, If only I could have some pla plates, I would make them
over-laid .

The helm is quite amazing.

You can see the cautiousness of painting, and shaking hands LOL

Saw something different here? *hint:left eye*

Failed seam lines... =.='

Scratched the scar myself... I have to say, It looked pretty good, 
ignore the seam line again =.='

Ah yes... My wife says this one looked like me...
Note all the paint, those were hard to do

Except for the eyes, the rest are mask-taped, painted, missed-panel lining,
curses, swear words, paint, more swear words.

I like doing the crown, even tho my gold-spray did a mess of things, but I say
this is a pretty good job myself.