Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A deep poison penetrate me like a 15" combat knife jabbed from below the jaw to the cranium... Eric got this little one on sale... thanks to Faddy who poisoned me... I got her as well

just a little editing ehehe...

Here we go...
Ein, with an expressionless motivation to kill
targets on sight.

 She can do well in a knife fight.

And hand-to-hand combat.

Trying a bit to do on the cute side...
the face, well... can't be done there...

Always loved doing the back flip pose


Hoi-san, the pest exterminator, 
has an automated feature to clean up some mess....
Created by me!!

And look who's going for the surprise kill..

but Hoi-san was quick to notice!

Yup... there she goes...



 Syful: you got me...

And now.. Some bloopers!

Nyann~! XD

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Farewell To Thee... Our Colleague

I only watch the battle of OO & reborn then Exia & O gundam, and as for the rest, I tried to get into the motion of watching gundam from the start and see whats all the fuss about, but in the end, I didn't watch them.Why? Oh.. I don't know... Bad subtitles maybe?

The thing is here, what I like, I get & what I like but no money, I get it at the end of the month. It's as simple as that. I don't get it why some people would wage war over something that's not even theirs to begin with. And with Ngee Khiong blog as my main information/source to get, I'm happy with it.

So to our colleague, I bid thee farewell, and keep on building! I know you would. Oh and as for my post...

Nanoha: Yah hooo~ Nanoha here!
(A gift from David John, thanks buddy!)

 Nanoha: Syful put me in charge of introducing his his loot of the month and so lets begin!

 Nanoha: Sarge! reel them in please!!

 Sarge: Aye Aye! sweet hea... I mean Ma'am!

 Nanoha: After a long term poisoning infection from BD
The poison started to take effect and he finally bought Stark Jegan!

Sarge: *pant*pant* damn this guy is heavy...

Nanoha: Re-GZ, shall we call him Regis, Sarge?

 Sarge: *Puff*Wheeze* Hold on a minute! *Pant* It ain't easy carrying
these guys from under the work desk!

Nanoha: And Finally! To Honour Ngee Khiong, Syful decided to get this!
May Ngee Khiong be forever in our hearts! Right Sarge?

Sarge.... ??

RX: I think you pushin' him too hard..
Nanoha: Isn't he suppose to be an experienced soldier?
RX: Experienced... hah...

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sarge getting David John's treatment

Today, this afternoon, I met David John in his apartment for an open house of another collector, Kira (this guy got some serious HOT TOYS! no kidding...) and since we were waiting for the time to go, He taught me something along the way.. that, is a secret.. heheh oh and by the way here's Sarge getting the star treatment.

1st. Using his Super close-up lens, I managed to get this small picture of
a model snake, which is the same size as instant noodle.

 and here's Sarge on his scooter, doing some pose that we made up.

And off he goes!!!