Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hoi Hoi-San Complete!

Hoi Hoi-san here is much cuter with the smile, presenting.....

cute eh...

knock knock! is Chubbybots home?? *poison invasion!!*

I guess BD better come up with something quick hohoho

Hoi Hoi-San in the works

I've decided to skip everything, (since I forgot to take pictures of each and every part... AGAIN) So ah... maa... ikka...

need to get more of these Di-stage platform

so far, so good, except for the shoulder joints that keeps falling off...

Master Gundam W.I.P part 1

One of the great pending of mine is one of my favorite (I dunno why) with it's complicated parts and joints... I think...

I clearly remember on the box that there was another version... with a cape.

Like I said.. pending...

This has to be done carefully tho, I had to follow instruction in a very detailed manner, but in the end, there's always "Oh F***!! wrong part!!"

You thought it was simple...

I'd like to think so, but unfortunately... excellent movement though...

This is ok enough... NOT! that hanging suspension always falls off when turned to different angle.

What interests me, is that even at a slanted angle, the joints can stay together balanced, I did the tip-toed pose here, and it stood perfectly.

Reason for pending: Work.. =.='

Combat works - A bit gone bad

Here's the work I'm.... uhm.. working on... I completed snap-fitting Combat-san, just that some seam lines irks me when I was fixing up the skirt. So I decided to cement the leg parts up....
 then something happened....
 So yeah, here I tried to "SOFTEN" the decals... turns out that the sticker type thinggie doesn't work well with it..

 There is definitely something wrong with this part, some are seamed tight, but it left something which I'm very annoyed with...

Same goes with this one...

And this one too...

So all in all, this is a proof that I am still a NOOB when it comes to sealing up the seam lines... =.=' nuff said..

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I just acquired Mr. Mark Softer & Mr. Mark Setter, so.... anyone know how to use it?

image taken from Hobbywave, sorry!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A new comer

Since I made Combat-san, My wife thought it was cute, so I my quota for buying a model kit per month is lifted, and so Ladies (whoever you are) & Gents....

Jang jang~~~~

Just couldn't resist those happy eyes while shooting at some pests!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


It was a long weekend and I'm taking a break from gunplas....

Gunplas: WTF????

Sy: sorry fellas, gotta explore new things for a bit, before I get back to ya

Gunplas: Sell-out...

Sy: =.='

and so without any other further ado, I give you~


Here's the instruction manual with Combat-san guarding(or ready to blast)
Hoi Hoi-san

I think you have to enlarge this abit to get the picture,
I have to minimize to save some space.

All the action pose that Combat-san can do

OK... this is the under-skirt... the hardest part is, I have to cut them manually...

peek a boo~!! anyone remember that worm in Sesame street?? LOL

Again, with diligent cutting (avoiding being a slash victim)
I don't cut the small tear-shape design, because its just TOO DAMN SMALL!!
Thanks Koto for being this detailed... =.='

there's another layer inside, all are stocked up in the box,
1st, the straight view

2nd, left

3rd. Right, all provided in the box

Painted the lips with gundam marker red (from the gundam seed marker set)

BOOTS!!! kawaiiiii~~~

uh... yeah, it started out from the feet in the manual..

and here is navel part, kinda surprising myself that the koto's plastic
are much easier to file and sand down.

Ahnnn~~ haha okey, stop that perverted image in your head guys

oh and ah, I made her from 5 in the morning, I finished up about 4 hours later,
so yeah.... here's Combat-san~

 In the manual, the weapons are colored... like hell... >.<

and voila~ Combat-san already spotted some PEST
(leering at gunplas)
Gunplas: NANI???

That's all folks... next target: Hoi Hoi-san heavy arms
heheheh pew pew pew~