Monday, July 26, 2010

Hoi Hoi-san Twins!

Just to show you guys what I did over the weekend

*Poison mode ACTIVATE!*

Lastly I would like to say... anybody drooling for it?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Price to Pay...

Recently I acquired an air compressor, but to my dismay, I was exceeding my budget and the compressor was cheap enough to be bought... So I went and showed it to my close friend who also is a gunpla-builder (Low profile character) and come up with the idea how to make it into and air brush compressor and also, compare to the pricing for the original stock air-brush compressor.

Here it is... These pictures were taken from my
phone... gomenasai~

Plug head, Price: BND1.80

Since the compressor is a direct plug, every time we switched on,
it just starts, so he fixed a relay switch into it.
Price: BND1.10

This is a pvc cable(much looks like and aquarium hose)
Price: BND2.50/meter
he use 2 meter

Double aquarium valve!! just in-case something got block in the hose,
there's always a failsafe system

This is the compressor, 55W, one of the most expensive item

The compressor wasn't earthed, so he fixed it too, remember
always check your equipment for safety!!

The 2nd expensive item is the nozzle

And so you have it..
coverall price:BND131.40

Now lets see the price of a Tamiya Air compressor...


So yeah, now that everything is complete... now all we have to do is learn how to do air-brushing, coz I don't know heck how to do it...

Wife Poisoning... Part 1

I was out with my wife to get my order at Eric's. She spotted something that suits her liking...

My order finally arrived...
Say... Who's that fella with a red cap & a blue cover-all?

BD poisoned me again...

so VERY true!

Then My wife spotted this!

Hoi-san Colorful Heavy arms...

Notice any difference?


On my next target is...

Tactical suit.ver!!!

Poisoning from the wife will continue...
Next week... 


Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I sensed trouble...

While the girls are practising...

Is that a grenade launcher???

Should be a calming scene... Before the storm

Eh??? Me???

Patrol units briefing

I promoted Ingram...

While RX got a new love~

And it's Yoko~!!



sorry Masurao~


(Took this shot perfectly when the sun was
shining thru my window)