Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Breaking Boundaries

Up till now Hobby Japan has entertained us with various infos and features that made our wallet screams and our desire heightened up to the point where we drool(most of the time I do that), but the ones that made me and my wallet scream until my wife knocks me over with a remote are these:

Border Break Shrike Type-I

Border Break Shrike Type-V

Border Break Cougar Type-I

Border Break Cougar Type-S

Border Break is an arcade game produced by Sega back in 2009, unfortunately it doesn't reach our shores for some unknown reason. But it comes to mind that with this kinda kit makes me wanna forget all my gunpla for a bit and venture forth into the Kotobukiya world once again for their amazing details and design...

Thats it. I'm sold!!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Upcoming Wish List

I've already put myself in awe with this little BIG figma, ahh... What the heck, I'm getting this!! There's no way I'm gonna miss a chance like this again!

Kos-Mos Ver.4,
I had the smaller one before, but THe BIG sister is coming to town~

Oh... And him too.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Loots Of The Month

Hey everybody,

Despite of my car being out of commission for a while, I managed to get something for my Hoi-sans(3 of them) and a little D-Style for my own stress relief therapy.

D-style AV-X0
I'm gonna bring his other partner next week.

the hand can extend... Interesting

AYE!! Adult collectible! NOT A TOY!

Finally! Hoi-Hoi san's Cradle 

Compared to AV-X0, it's much smaller

The feet are changeable.

As if it looks real when charging the Hoi-san.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The 1st Dark Day of The Year

28th February 2011, the road was dry, I was happily talking to my wife about our daily program for the day and I was driving at 60km/h... we came to a slow jam and I slowed down even more. All of a sudden a car overtook right in front of me and slammed on its brake... I jammed on my brake hard... Long story short, this is what happened

 Swerved a bit to the side...
And thats the idiot car that stopped suddenly

The idiot: no 3rd brake light
The other idiot: no driving licence
 Up close
 the other side
another close shot...

Surely I win in this matter if it were brought to court.. till then...
My black dragon is awaiting repair