Saturday, January 07, 2012

Basic Cementing Tutorial

Hey guys

It's been a while since I last posted, I made some simple cementing tutorial for my group, which is Brunei Plamo Group (still under construction) Feel free to comment if I do something wrong.

The cemented part, where you put cement from each side and clasp them
together to produce excess cement. Leave them for 24 hour for the cement to cure.

After 24 hour, I can start to file them... lightly.

Remember to check the surface after every stroke.

And stroke again

You can see the burrs forming on the side

you can cut off the excess cement with a craft knife too.

Wet sanding time~~ 400 grit abrasive paper ready.

Andd..... Start sanding.

Check the surface again

clean it up~

Here's My signature move~!! The nail buffer technique~

The black nail buffer grit has a smoother texture compared to 600 grit, 
so I'm satisfied with the result

Here' the finished result.

Now. prepped for painting/spraying

This is what I do to each and every parts that has nubs on it. Have fun trying it out~!