Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TALL, DARK, AND HARD (not what you think... PERV)

Just a quick post before I go off for an important function teeheehee

I plan to do some photo shots with this guy, then I realize the camera I was using had not memory card.
I resort to use my camera phone instead... not much review.. but a heads-up on whats to come.



Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
by PlayArts Kai

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Since I have a cast shaped like a hand of a crab, one useful feature is that i can hold the lens with utmost stability LOL, but enough of that, lets see what the Bruneian Cosplayers are up to.

Ehhh... I guess this is from D-Gray man?

From the same anime? 

He looks happy

 Now she looks happy...

So is this other guy... Love triangle? LOL

I don't know whats going on here...

Vendetta in a suit... Nice

Uh... Tuxedo mask? XD

The appearance of... girl Squall!! And HUNTER(L4D)!!

Girl Squall??

Pretty nifty Gunsword

Handmade Griever heheh

With the scar, nicely done!

Hunter Attack... counter with a gun?
In L4D I prefer the frying pan XD
Just wait for it to jump... then...

Hunter scene:
Hunter appears!

Two victims..

soldier1: Dude...
Soldier2: whut?

Soldier1: You should we're targeting right?
Soldier2: I think so... those are our orders..

Soldier1: Damn orders! I don't see anything!
Soldier2: You hear something?

Soldier1: I hear rushing winds, like something is about to attack us
from behind, but orders are orders, look front!

Soldier1: Just do as you're told!

Soldier2: (above picture reference... XD)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

HAPPY 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY & 100TH POST!! And a medical hiatus...

HI gang!!

sorry for the lack of update, I really wanna make this one special because it's been a long journey with all the post and everything I've been through, I wanna thank my girlfriend(now my wife hehe) for starting this hobby again after all those years of procrastination, I know I haven't been doing much with mods and stuff... lack of time and money LOL.

Thanks to Chubbs for making me start the blog... been a long ride eh?

Thanks to JoJo for his 1st ever comment heheheh... And congrats to the wedding!! New game is about to begin!!

Thanks to BD77 for his relentless fuuny stories and "WTF??" cliffhangers, always making us waiting for his next post LOL

Thanks to David John for his endless fun informations & opinion, and also our Ecchi sensei hahahah

Thanks to ZD for his fun WIPs, and things I could never imagine it can happen that way.

Thanks to Eric for his supplies and resources, I know there are some more coming!!

And all those whom I can't mention (it's hard typing with one hand when you knuckle is broken) I thank you all, and LETS GUNPLA!!!

1st thing first

What do you think? ehehehe
as I said 90% done. Only weapons & backpack left.

I know it's kinda hard to see but i can still see the seam line

heheh... can't type much... efficiency down to one hand now....