Thursday, January 28, 2010

Waiting to be build (Backlog Item)

Hi Hi ^^ for the past few month I have been working, horsing around and yet when I wanted to get something, I just get it, but unfortunately, I haven't get to build any of it due to tiredness, work and building SD for my wife as she requested. Here are some gunplas that are waiting to be alive ^^

RX: like I said, lazy ass bum LoL

Syful: all right, that's it... SY'S BELLY DROP!



Noir: ooouuu... that's gonna leave a scar...

Strike: he was asking for it.

G-Wing Z: blabbermouth.

Nendrossel: Oh~ Extra parts ^^

here it is folks! ^^

hail buster, this one already done... well... not in the backlog..

HG 1/100... hmm?

AH.. this is more like it, MG 1/100

Blue Destiny 2, still needs some more cement for some parts,
so It's not done yet

Haruhi RX-7... decal scares me..

The Mighty Sinanju, Decals scares the crap outta me on
this one too

The Strike twins, I'm gonna have fun with these soon

 AHA!! No comment on this one ^^
the 2nd Strike, would matte black can do for this?

And finally, I bought this one today,
Char's Zaku MG clear part campaign.

And for that, Till I'm done with the SDs that my wife requested, these will not be done... Oh actually my MG blue frame is next.


Tsukinari said...

Keep it coming!!! lol.. go trans-am and....... ninja build those lol


CD said...

Matt black sounds good but it depends on the overall color scheme. >.>

moemoekyun said...

awesome stuff mate you like DJ now strike freaks not getting the striker weapon pack ??
*_* blue destiny
Uguu haruhi -chan
sinanju *_*
the HG 1/100 is bandai old kit don't surprised it's out scale actually

Anonymous said...

awesome backlogs.
I don't think I like to bulk up backlogs, so I always try to finish mine before buying others.

Anyway, only have 1 backlog currently, which is NG 1/100 Akatsuki.

Oh yeah, why buy HG 1/100 if you have same MG 1/100? Wing?

Anonymous said...

Coo... the HG and MG Wing Zero 1/100 scale and three Strikes some more.

That's quite a number of backlogs.

Faris said...

Wow man thats a lot of Gundams there ...can give me one or if possible two hahaha jk jk

B-Mecha said...

I'm curious which SD that your wife demanded. Please share with us ya.

You must be a strike fans! There are so many version of strike there O__O