Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All boys fantasy came to my gunpla addition

Sorry for the lack of post everybody~ gomen gomen ^^

RX: lazy ass bum....

Gunplas: LOL

Syful: hey, screw you aite? get back on the shelf before I take that sound unit of your noggin.

so yeah, I was busy with work and all, projects, scripting bla bla bla, then one day I came around to our local toy store (CH, where else?) And browse around, going to the usual gunpla section, I stumbled upon some magazine, now usually I only look for Dengeki or Hobby Japan magazine for some techniques and tips. But My eyes caught attention to NEWTYPE magazine with something on it... Sooo..... here it is ^^

Newtype magazine, your numero uno is the latest anime release.
But wait... Whats this? Look on the lower right.

YES! It's our lovable Haruhi-chan~!

Still sucks with the camera, but I did my best to enhance it with photoscape

Next 2 issues will be coming with Yuki and Mikuru!!
Can't wait!

But then.. something was missing.. Can't be Haruhi alone... So I went back in again to get....

Haruhi's own RX-7!!
From Aoshima.

After I'm done with SDs, This is next.


moemoekyun said...

ZOMG haruhi car and it's mazda RX-7 *_* and the figure itself = haruhi race queens

Anonymous said...

I don't know Haruhi has a car!???
how much is the magz?

Of all SOS-dan I like Haruhi best, but why most of the world prefer Mikuru?

Syful said...

mm... big boobies... clumsy and cute? I'd prefer feisty and the silent but immensely intelligent like haruhi and Yuki ^^

I bought the magazine for 29.90BND

The car is from Aoshima, funny now that I realized it, I never heard of the company before...

chubbybots said...

Woah can't wait to see you start on the car :D Lotsa decals ahead!!