Sunday, January 03, 2010

David John's contribution

Every gun-players know the new shop inside Kiulap mall right? Just today I went there for a visit again and noticed a few more gundam on display, I asked the owner was it from him, and to my surprise, it's none other than our lovable Shewsbury's David John who made contribution for the shop! Here's his gun-plas.

Nix Providence

Complete eh? hehe

Red Astray with a black cape (?) Nice fabric tho heheh
I just had to pose him like a war general looking over a battlefield.

Red taking a rest while I fumble with my camera to get a good position..
I hate using this camera...

Infinite Justice, the original model form the bootleg saviour I made
for the MHU patient.

Made not by John, but by his wife and sister.

I wish I can do more with them, but I ran out of time. Enjoy!


moemoekyun said...

wow nice john is so awesome
why you not give contribusion too syful ??

bd77 said...

Manly Red Frame is manly.
Should've have done the boss-pose. (arms crossed in fornt of chest