Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey guys, sorry for the lack of post for the past week. Things seem to be a lot of changes this week for me, I'm quitting my job and trying to go back to my hometown and find other suitable jobs there, what I mean by suitable  here is not really what I had in mind, I'm just finding a job just so to able to get what I want! HUAHAHAHA MORE GUNDAMS! MORE FIGMA! MORE CHOGOKINS!! Nahh... just kidding, it's just some personal issue I have to take care of, but those are some of the necessities in life where you just had to change for the better, I haven't been building too lately and giving tips the way I wanted it to be, so yeah, expect a couple of absence week from time to time, but I will come up once in a while. Soreja~!


divinelight said...

Well, going over a new job is hard, to adapt with new environment and others.

I have worked for 5th month this month, but rather hard to adapt to the work itself, very tiring.

moemoekyun said...

good luck mate
may you get new job and have more figures/gundam

divinelight said...

more and more rite ^^
I'll try to reduce my expenditures though next month.

CD said...

Oh, you don't need to apologize! Sometimes things like this do happen and we are not in full control of em'. Well, good luck! ^^

B-Mecha said...

You don't have to apologize, it takes great courage to leave the comfort zone and aim for better. I'm also quit my job last month and now looking for new job. Let's challenge it for brighter future! More mecha await us!

heathorn said...

A big step to make changes in your life! Good luck Syful!

I hopped job once before, hopped countries also ^^
Adapting is one thing. But for the better, it's worth the effort.