Friday, January 01, 2010


After the figma poisoning taken effect(thanks to you guys), I scraped all the cash I could, but to no avail. So I dragged my sister to buy me one of my favorite video game character of all time!


Ver.4 I wonder if there are any other previous version.

Really tight packaging, comes with 3 weapons

I don't know why they're giving a black back drop

Yes boys, extra oppai! but for T-elos...

Kos-Mos has a few satisfying articulation, but unfortuantely,
not that flexible enough

Kos-mos: I apologize for being made this way master
Syful: No worries, as long as the jugs look cute ^^
Kos-mos: Jugs?
Syful: Ehem, carry on...

1st weapon: Handgun and of course, they didn't made it that well either.
I have to cram the gun as neatly as possible to make it hold like that.

Kos-Mos: And my finger can't reach the trigger
Syful: Yeah, that too
StrikePG: *snicker* hey guys, she can't reach the trigger!
Syful: Shut up... =.='

2nd weapon: Sweet looking triple gatling gun!

Amazing thing is, the hand joints can really hold the gatling gun, which is pretty
heavy for her size.

3rd weapon: Dragoon tooth, sweet name for a saber, yeah its a saber all right.
 Syful: Kos-mos, battle mode please
Kos-mos: Yes master
RX: Kos-mos, bikini mode please! ^^
Syful: >.<' erhh... Don't mind him...

With the saber mode activated, it really is a dragon tooth.
 GP03: looks more like a tooth pick to me
gunplas: *ROTFL*

It's hard to make photo shots when you don't have a back drop
and some certain table lamps.

Well boys and girls, that's pretty much it, maybe when I can conjure up some more ideas, my figuriines can play with my nendo...

*Secret character*: I'M STILL IN MY BLOODY BOX! LEMME OUT!

Syful: OOps! till next time gun-players!


kaymaroo said...


Anonymous said...

TK402: She can't the trigger... *snicker*
Astray DSSD: Trigger... Hehehe
Yoko: Quiet~! >_< Kosmos, we need to talk about your reach. Seriously.
Kouji: Pole Dance mod..*BLAAM~!* (shot by Yoko)

Syful said...

i like the tooth pick joke actually, i was actually laughing myself when i post it LoL

Anonymous said...

nice but yes bandai never make figures with good articulation :(

Anonymous said...

wahh everyone is picking on Kos Mos ^^;; but she can use the gun as a hammer since the trigger cant be reached XD

Anonymous said...

@moemoekyun: at least her movements are better than... M.A.S.K action figures... v_v

Yoko: KosMos, why not you smash those noisy gunplas with you gatling gun to show your "love" to them... *grins*
Ryoma: She's got bigger bo*BLAM~!*

Anonymous said...

Yay, it's KOS-MOS.
Wonder if you buy T-Elos then.