Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fixed Zeta

When I bought the Humable( still can't get the damn thing to be inputted in the dictionary) RX78

RX: Hey!!

Syful: Whut? (holding a butter knife)

RX: oh nothing~ la la la

Syful: That's what I thought, Well... When I bought him, I also bought one that has never been reviewed before, lets just say that he's the Silent type, can't move anywhere but just doing that post for the rest of his life.

Zeta: ...

Here's the box, original from Banpresto

Usual Jap text, could never understand any of those.

All packed up neatly in it's individual plastic

Main body, kinda bent, maybe thats how it goes.

I think they wanna do an exact replica, but the plastic seems
 kinda melted.. probably from the heat.

All the body parts ready to connect... Have you guys noticed something yet?

the beam saber a.k.a lizard tail.. LoL

Here's the complete form, excuse the noise. I have to rendered the picture fit for
web images

has its own stand... I quite like it

Full frontal attack mode it seems

The hard part was connecting each joints, I had to cut a bit to make it fit

Nice pose actually, I wonder you guys noticed it already..
*Hint Hint* marker pen

oh well... It's all white! there's no black panel lining!


Anonymous said...

use hot water to fix the beam saber

Anonymous said...

lol lizard saber!!! But the pose is damn cool :D Maybe get your nendo / figma to pose in a similar fashion ^^

Anonymous said...

It's a Fixed Figuration?

kaymaroo said...

what scale it that?? kecik aja...

Anonymous said...

The pose is cool, not many articulated kits can do that pose properly.
About the melted/saggy parts... That, is bad...
Maybe you could do what moemoekyun suggested.
@divinelight: its more of fixed/unmovable pose, aka a statue.

Anonymous said...

You can't move it anymore?
So, it's a statue that comes with separate parts.

Syful said...

yup thats how it is, as for the saber, I like it that way, makes it look more into the flow of things heheh

B-Mecha said...

about the hot water method, remember don't use boiling hot water, as long as your hand can stand it it should be fine. Maybe you can fix the main body since you prefer the lizard tail beam saber XD

It is really a nice pose for mecha :D.

mangyver5223 said...

this can be panelled-lining?

Syful said...

of course dude, already panel-lined XD, forgot to take picture on the end result