Monday, January 04, 2010

New Gundam shop @ The Seri Qlap mall

Hey guys, today I wanna share with you all about the new shop that just opened up recently.

Location: Seri Qlap Mall
Early birds to go there and took photos: Me, David John, Ryu's brother
Time: It was around 9-10am

Unfortunately that time the owner wasn't around, so we took some photos to show you guys, if you have something missing in your collection or something, I got mine ^^

 Yeah~ that a look at those babies... begging to be taken and be built..
=.= *drool*

Hi-V !! I never seen this one before actually.

Shin Musha!!! I swear I saw the PG version in Mid Valley Mall

Sinanju!!! I'll get you soon~~

The Unicorn... I kinda don't like this one....

What would Gundam be without these mono-eyed monsters
as their mortal enemies.

Another Rick-Dom, I wonder what this version is for...

Aile Stirke! Got this a present ^^

Oh I got this one too ^^ Strike Rogue, I called my previous PG strike, the rouge,
The name is mean~

One of my most favorite gundam of all time, the Strike Noir
all the other gunplas: Favorite????
Syful: uhh... did I say that?? Your sensors must be faulty..
RX: You and us need to talk about this favoritism.
Syful: uhm.. okay
Strike Noir: *snickers*

Ver-ed's favorite, the Zeta 2.0

Gelgoog.. strange name...

this only part 1 of the preview, I gotta rush down to the mall!

ENJOY!! ^^


divinelight said...

Why don't you like Unicorn? That's the only Gundam that my younger brother put as favourite.

For me, the same as yours. Strike Noir is the best!

Sinanju... not really, I would rather get Hi-Nu Gundam than Sinanju, well that's the matter of taste. ^^

Oh yeah, Hi-Nu Gundam is not in the series, it's in a novel after Char's Counter Attack. So that's why you've never seen it.

I'll get it around February though.

Syful said...

I dunno, the unicorn has less flexibility than those of the latest Bandai products. Plus the complexity of building it doesn't come to my attention yet, unlike sinanju... somewhat it calls to me that he wanted to get me to build him LoL. Seriously, thats how I pick my gundams. You get the feelings that you wanted to build it, then it calls to you

moemoekyun said...

horay another strike noir fans ^0^
I want that one rx 78 mechanical smooked ver @_@

divinelight said...

strike noir for the best, I really want to paint my akatsuki in black color scheme. I'll try that when I have time...

mangyver5223 said...

@ Syful: Hey man, That MG Red Dom is The Char's Version of red DOM because I have HG version for this Guy

Evaritus Lau said...

Wow...GP03 Stamen, GP02A Physalis, Quebeley, Kampher & Ground type Gundam ! Me like !

Won't find Ground type easily these days....