Saturday, January 09, 2010


One day i was driving to get my order... (Dum Di Dum Daaa... I wonder what that is... hehehe *hint*hint*)
My car jerked and something went dead. So with my crappy camera phone, I took another one... LoL

My speedometer went dead =.='

Now I don't know how fast I'm going, not that I care how fast I am mwhahahahah!!


moemoekyun said...

you said going hiatus @_@
and now you broke your car

divinelight said...

Good luck to repair it then^^

bd77 said...

At least its your speedometer not your fuel gauge. Then you'll be in REAL trouble. Got that before, luckily I practice to reset my trip meter on every refuel (11.11 liter = 160Km for my car). So I know when to refuel. :D