Thursday, February 04, 2010

SDs are done!! WITH PICTURES!!

the SDs are done of course la, don't have any picture yet, will reveal soon enough, today very busy, new craft saw, new project plan, new... ooeerr... what ah? ah heck, BLUE FRAME ON THE GO!!

Hi Hi ^^ I saw Mio (K-ON!) just when I was done having lunch with my wife at the mall (if any of you guys outside Brunei don't know what the mall is, IT IS called THE MALL.... =.=') 69.90BND!! And it's original too.

But thats not what I had in mine.... I present to you~ My 1st SDs

Being a little over dramatic here..heheh

you can see some early flaw on the head... need more skill in tape masking

Done the best I could.

I like doing this part, painstakingly difficult with all the curves

Haha how you like them app... err... thighs?
Exhaust vent, If only I could have some pla plates, I would make them
over-laid .

The helm is quite amazing.

You can see the cautiousness of painting, and shaking hands LOL

Saw something different here? *hint:left eye*

Failed seam lines... =.='

Scratched the scar myself... I have to say, It looked pretty good, 
ignore the seam line again =.='

Ah yes... My wife says this one looked like me...
Note all the paint, those were hard to do

Except for the eyes, the rest are mask-taped, painted, missed-panel lining,
curses, swear words, paint, more swear words.

I like doing the crown, even tho my gold-spray did a mess of things, but I say
this is a pretty good job myself.


moemoekyun said...

No pHotos ???

Evaritus Lau said...

NPNT bro. (No Pic No Talk)

chubbybots said...

Need Photos man XD!!!

CD said...

Oooh, looks nice. =)

The black on the horse looks great IMO. Maybe you should've used gold on the horse's yellow parts. Would've made it look much more... nicer. *_*

B-Mecha said...

BDN69.90 for a Mio figure? If it is Nendoroid then it is reasonable. The price is going up since it is high demand.

I actually want to visit The Mall one day. Didn't get to visit the place during previous trip. Does the shop have many figures?

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

so the mall is called The Mall...
the mall is The Mall...
the what???

moemoekyun said...

woa so leaon is right K-ON! licence being monopoly in asia
anyway I like your horse bleck ^^

divinelight said...

I've seen the pictures now.
BB senshi is cool, but will wait till the series start this April to collect this.

Evaritus Lau said...

Of all 3 Sangokuden kit, I'll say the Luxun Zeta Plus looks tidy enough. =)

Anyway, bro not going to try handpaint ? I mean not using gundam markers of course. ^^;

Asian1skill said...

well overall the kit is nice but yea da seam lines do stand out a bit but if u can get rid of those it would be amazing love the paintjob