Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mio is here!!

While Shana & Drossel went out for a walk sharing battle stories
Drossel: And I was like *KAPAOOWW* to his jaw
Shana: damn, direct hit?
Drossel: Yea! And he just went down like a bird dropping!

Drossel: you should've seen... huh?

Drossel: Sy! you bought new nendo??
Syful: (drinkin cold water) pffrrhh!! huh wha?? oh yeah, her name is Mio
Shana: I can see that...
Drossel: Why haven't you open it?
Syful: Hey I just got back.

Shana: oh look! Sy bought back a pig!
Drossel: that's just a sign that shows it's original from GSC.
Shana: Kehh...
Syful: *almost to a whisper* poor little bootleg...
Syful: uhmm.. nothing

Drossel: Look, If you don't wanna open it I will! She's suffocating in there!
Syful: hum? oh go ahead, I'm taking a bath
Shana: Pig...grrr...
Shana: Nothing~ *pig*

D: oii! help me!
S: Like I want to!
D: What's your deal? Just help me topple this over

Drossel and Shana pushed down the box
D: ooff!!
S: Oww!!
Syful in the bathroom: .... what the hell are they doing...

S: oww oww oww!! My knees! oww oww oww!!
D: .... (idiot)

D: hmm... Where is that sticker to open this...
S: ... how can you open it?
D: you're not gonna help are you?
D... (Idiot strikes again)

D: Nyahaha!! I got this from Sy's toolbox!
Sy: Oii!! Put it back when you're done!
D:Shut up and go get dress, ugly!
Sy: Who you callin' ugly??

After much cutting and slicing, finally Mio is out!!
Mio: Ohh thank you, thank you!!
D: Don't mention it ^^

D: Always glad to help another nendo.. (and making an army for me.. heheh)
Mio: Ohh you're so kind~
S: ... ggrr....

Mio: Oh thank you too Shana~
S: Grrhh... urusai Urusai URUSAI!!
Mio.. guhh...

And there you go folks! Mio is added to the Gunplas family~!!

Jya nee!!

D: OII!! Don't just stand there naked!

Syful... =.='


Anonymous said...

Dang~! Shana's faces is cool.
And what a good way of introducing Mio (unlike me... ORZ).

Anonymous said...

Mio seemed happy enough sufffocating in there though AHHAHA Jk jk!! xD Nice intro dude, 2 nendos helping another nendo out is always great! ^^

Anonymous said...

Is Shana jealous?

Tsukinari said...

grats for getting mio... XD

cant wait for azunyan uguu

moemoekyun said...

no wonder 69BND it's a nendoroid lolz
nice story :D
shana is totaly jealous

chubbybots said...

Poor Shana :D I think you will have a handful with 3 daughters now...hmm drossel is plotting to include her in the nendo army and Shana is jealous.....interesting developments :D

MaftyNavue said...

looks what tsuki have done to me..

Azunyaannnn uguuu.. hahaha... :3

btw from the conversation it seems Shana is bootleg right? Is it different with the mio?

Syful said...

yeah it is different, the bootleg surface is much more shiny than those of the original

mitchee said...

Too bad you will only have girls with ur nendo coz I'm expecting a boy :-)