Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tools Of The Trade

So yeah, now I'll show you guys what equipment I'm using with, before my interest grew, I started out with nail clipper, nail filer and a few sandpapers. Over the years my equipment comes and goes in the sand of times.. Some of it are lost, paint dried up, knives rusted, pens blotched and flooded, I'm not saying I'm an aggressive user, but I wanted a near perfection sculpture, reason I said near perfection is that, If you achieve perfection, what else are you going to do with it?

Haha look at that, threads included.

My old workbench was the living room table

my color arsenal, equipped in a box and ready to do damage...
Oh and those chrome and gold spray works too, as long as you keep your distant when spraying some runners

My workbench now, on a proper table so I don't slouch, dvds to watch while sanding away parts, the silver cylinder is a brush hidden inside, it is NOT a lipstick case XP, and my proud possession: the table lamp, propped with a magnifying glass for "zoom-in" finer detail work... heheh

I can work in the dark too! can't afford to get the lamp equipped with the magnifying glass, damn expensive!

you can see everything here, from the cement, to the gorillapod for the camera, the bakery plastic for bread and tabasco sauce for spicing it up hahahaha

This is a portrait of a man who is in deep thought of what the hell is he going to do next, continue? Or getting some sleep hahaha (I'm so vain LoL)

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