Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My 1st Figma (?)

Lots of my blogger friends got figmas, i wanted to have one too, but unfortunately there was none to my liking except for Haruhi, Asashina or Yuki. So in times of desperate measure (dried up wallet) I got this guy instead. Thanks to CH ^^

The super poseable RX-78!

The articulation in each and every one of the joints are impressive.

I wonder if I can do some lining ...

It can stand on its own!

Nice flex, no muscle tho

RX wanna start its own traditional
Japanese dance, the Obori?

Humable model, even Microsoft words don't know
what it meant.

Still can't get used to the Alpha camera...
Look at all those noise =.='

Along with the Obitsu body stand, he can do more pose!

That's a quick review for tonight, I wanna start on a new project, but sadly enough, I don't have the mood for it, that's just me, I need the mood.


Anonymous said...

is there no figma you interest another than them ?

Syful said...

There is... nantilah if ada bejual nanti, I'm waiting for the right moment heheh

Anonymous said...

Humable (human + moveable?)... A NEW WORD~!

Very flexible, that. But, can he do... a TOTAL LEG SPLIT? :D
Get a HG 1/144 Gundam 00 and be amazed.

Syful said...

yeah he can do split too, don't make me do him cheerleading =.='

RX: I don't mind ^^
Zeta: Shut up mate, I'm the one that's f***ing fixed >.<
Syful: next preview is Zeta ^^

Anonymous said...

so your figma is between haruhi,mikuru,and,yuki ??

Syful said...

I think I wanna get Atelos and Kosmos from Xeno Saga

Anonymous said...

is there atelos or kosmos figma??
or you want to get PVC figurines???

Syful said...

yeah ^^ they have Atelos & Kosmos Figma, I saw it somewhere online

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any figma from Xenosaga series.
If I am not mistaken, Alter is going to release an articulated figure of kosmos ver.4.

Syful said...

Yeah there's no figma for them unfortunately =.='
Alter? I thought it was Bandai?