Monday, December 28, 2009

Nubs Removal

Now here it is, my 1st tutorial of nub removals, maybe some of you have different techniques of it, please share with us, I'm just a beginner too, all trash talk aside, here we go!

I bought this at the RC shop, yeah I know, I should have ask for commission
from the owner for advertising online... LoL

It comes in 6 pieces, 400x2, 600x1 and 1000x2.
Here, I cut them into squares (2cmX2cm)

Here's how I cut the nubs, same as everybody else, right?

I cut more with my nipper as close as I can get to the part.

File it slowly and lightly, not to leave too much marks or scratches
from the file

Less scratches right?

I start with the 400, notice the flow when I'm sanding it.

Then I go for the 600, I fold the paper so I don't have to use much.
See the grind, it's starting to smooth

Since the nubs was in 2 different places, I decided to sand the entire surface.

Use 1000 after the 600. Don't mind the dust if you have the protective mask on.
you can brush off the excess with a toothbrush or any other soft brushes

Here's an extra info, nail buffers!! There's 3 surfaces here,
the black - coarse, white - fine, green - smooth finish on the other side.
I go for only black and white, I don't want my parts to shine like a brand new car.

How you do with the nail buffers are simple:
Use the coarse and do exactly as you do with sanding, then use the white,
green is only when you want your parts to shine.

Can you see where the nubs were?

Thats what I call a good finish.

So there you go, Now here's another thing, if you wanna go for the color change, I suggest you to not use the buffer, and let it be by the sandpaper, then you spray the selected parts that you want to change color by surface primer 1st, and let it dry.

The purpose of the surface primer is to cover all the scratches from the filing and the sanding. Also it can use to cover the parts where you glued them together.

So If there's any missing skill that I don't know about, let me know and we can share ^^


kaymaroo said...

nice tutorial;-)

Syful said...

thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

Nice tip dude :D Time to hunt for those nail buffers from my mom's drawer haha!!

Syful said...

hey welcome back dude! how was the trip?

Anonymous said...

that's a great tutorial.
Too bad I've cut too much that the nubs couldn't be hidden

Anonymous said...

hey syful chubby already give us tutoria this right

Syful said...

yeah he did, moemoe, doesn't hurt to re-do the tutorial right? ^^

Syful said...

Heheh, it's alright dude, practise makes perfect, in this case, near perfection, if you achieve total perfection, it be boring ^^

LEon said...

Useful tutorial. Long time ago i used such sand paper when I did dragonball model. Really bring back memories.

Syful said...

And the sandpapers are really useful till now, especially for gundam modelers ^^

Anonymous said...

very nice tutorial! sanding makes a big difference and is a lot of work XD

Syful said...

true, but that's where the fun is, and the end result is what your heart would say, "now that's a nice work" ^^

Jacques said...

A very in-depth tutorial, accompanied with step-by-step tutorial which is easily to understand. Great for those looking to improve their skill or people who are just starting out.

Great job there, Syful

Anonymous said...

where is RC shop? can order by online?