Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The GunTank

Holla~ here another addition to the New Old post, I present:

Guntank, 1/144 very old one... seriously

I mean, look at the simplicity of these people tag the price, Gundam: $12.
If any PG/MG/HG cost this much, we gun-pla hobbyist would be very happy.

Ignore the glare, my bust -up digicam still works

see how rigid this thing is...

looks cool with the set colors eyh?

I like things that crawls... on a full track, heheh

other gundams have thrusters, this one is no exception

Lets take a look at the booklet shall we? look at all those preset colored runners, very very nice.

Makes you think you can just snap-fit and finish in one go

As if someone played a prank on me, these old Bandai manufacturers have a weird sense of humors..

This really challenged me in ways I could have never think of.

In addition, these runners don't have the usual male-female nubs to make
them fit together, you know what I mean by that, so I think I'm gonna have
to use more cement to join them together.

Can't really say much about this tank thread... a simple way to make this weatherized (cool word huh?)
is to drag them in soot and dirt for the real feel haha.

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mangyver5223 said...

is there any more old 1/144 guntank like this? think to buy it if still have...... or u willing to sell it to me.......if u want.....