Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For a Good Cause

My wife works in the hospital as a therapist, and she told me one day that this traumatic depressed patient she attended to knows a lot about robots and can do drawings and writings. It's funny that some parents don't approve of such art, this patient is a 20 year old young man who couldn't get what he wanted, to be a graphic artist design, in which the parent strongly opposed saying that its not a good work or a waste of time, I tell ya guys... Graphic artist makes the world a more colorful place to live in. Without them, there's no gunpla! So I decided to give this guy a boost by making him one. ( Strangely enough, he likes the old MIGHTY GOBOTS series, which to me, is quite amazing, but hey` that's how I started to like robots too!)

Okay here it is, it's kinda cheap, So I think it's an old version

The reason I bought a HongLI TT is... I'm kinda broke =.='

Complete with biodata too.

Comes with 3 runners... Oh boy here we go!

Clang clang!!


Syful: whats this? Oh well, let's throw it in there...

RX78: Hey wassat?

Strike noir: Dunno, something....

RX78: hey whats this?

Syful: HEY!! Don't touch that!

Strike Noir: Duh! Now you done it.

Kos-Mos: Master? Do you require assistance?

Syful: No thanks dear, I got it *BzzzT* Arkkhh!!!

Kos-Mos: When will I get my review master?

Syful: Soon... *whirr*

Kos-mos: As you wish master.

Syful: ... And I'm done!

Here it is! Now Saviour... Don't be shy~

Saviour: Why... did you build me?
Syful: Uh...

Saviour: Oh woe is me... Why hast thou created me..
RX78: Oh dear.. a Shakespearian..
Syful: =.='

RX78: Whats all the hubub, bub?
I can really see the difference in the molding. the plastic
is kind of softer than the original, and the connecting part is quite hard
to put into.

RX78: All for a good cause buddy! lemme hear a whoop whoop!!
Saviour: *whisper* what is this idiot up to?
Syful: *whisper* Uh... don't mind him....

RX is getting way ahead of himself.

I don't really mind making something not from Bandai, but boy, this is hard!
The elbow joint and the knee joint is molded together and the articulation is limited.
But for the patient, I did the best I can.
Shana: No you didn't you lazy ass! You didn't glued him up well!
Syful: well, it's a basic kit, so let the guy be happy with it
Shana: Urusai! Urusai! Urusai! I don't like it!
Syful: =.='

RX is friendly, he's trying to cheer him up as Saviour silently looks on.

Lets hope the patient can have a morality boost when he sees this, all they wanted is a little push to do what they wanted to do, so parents! Listen up! Don't control your kid too much! Let them be what they want to be or do what they want to do, as long as its not a bad thing.


moemoekyun said...

LOL @rx-78 ^^;; nice pose K-ON! band LOL
hope he/she like it XD

moemoekyun said...

ps make guitar for rx-78 so he can act like johanes krauser II teeth pick XDDD

bmecha said...

I don't mind buying bootleg Gunpla, as long as they don't give me pain in the ass during the process. I would prefer less trouble than trying to save the cost...

RX-78 is getting hyper for new year?

evangelisque said...

My parents' mentality is the same as the patient's parents. ^^; I wanted to study game design, but my parents were like "no go study in uni plz". I guess while parents want their kids to chase their dreams, they also want the kids to have their feet firmly on the ground. I hope it all works out for the family.

I haven't had a chance to touch bootleg gunpla, but I wouldn't mind building it for the experience. XD It looks pretty good - hopefully, it'll cheer the patient up. And I like that last pic of RX and Saviour. xDD RX ARE YOU READY TO PARTTYYY

Syful said...

hehehe you can study whatever you want, but in truth is, collecting gundams or figmas will never die when you got a job from your study... from there, more poisoning will come to you ^^

Like the wise Chubbs would say, "With great passion, comes great spending!"

And I would say, Once you got a job that pays, you will be poisoned! Mwahahahahaa

bd77 said...

Ohhh... A TongLi Saviour. I also have the Astray DSSD Custom from them. My friends consider TongLi as a Grade-B Bendii plamo. Grade-A means a really good copy with excellent movement.

p.s. Happy New Year.

divinelight said...

I haven't seen this model in my country.
Well, not really interested in Saviour though.

But yeah, original and bootleg always have differences. ^^