Saturday, December 12, 2009

The making of... STRIKE

1st off, I would like to say thanks for all who viewed my blog.

2nd, I'm still settling down with this blog and try to explore every option possible, since I only got little time to do this, My wifey got steam coming out from her head watching me typing away.... hew hew hew...

   this is just a preview... I don't know
what happen to the rest of the pictures that I uploaded.

the jet output manually painted... BAD

the body a size of a fist

another closer look..not much of a lining... I was thinking of something else what to do with the
back side of the body, but lack of equipment and resource.. =.='

ignore the ciggie, quite useful when you spent countless hours of building, only to find out
that you missed a part, and you have to disassemble it again...

50% done, smoke break!

It's ok people... only losing a head and arms

Power supply valve release!

skipped all the process... (3month!)

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