Tuesday, December 15, 2009


During one of my un-planned build, from all of those sanding, filing down, snap-fitting, and priming, I had an epiphany, and this miraculous idea of mine might be good to all the gundam builders out there. But it’s all a rough draft of what I thought, and I call it:


Here are the followings (do I sound like a teacher or something?)

1. Cut everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

2. Cut the nubs: What it says here is like what all the builders do, cut nubs, file it, sand it and smooth it down.

3. Snap fit everything.

4. Plan your modification:This is where your creative idea comes to life; you don’t want a plain gundam or just looking straight out of the box right? Depends if you want it that way.

5. Prime surface and color selection (you can have fun with the color theme here)

6. black lining: My favorite part of the process XD

 7. Decals: my point of view here, is that you don’t have to stick to the decals that has been provided, you can have any decals you want to put it in, too bad we don’t have any custom decal provider, or my wing gundam can be a spoke person for a Ferrari(red/yellow theme… hehehe please refer to chubybots blog of those RX-78 gundam group at www.chubbybots.wordpress.com)

8. Top coat: you have to be very careful with your hand motion of spraying and its distance, one of my G-shield has bleeding from my idiocracy…

9. Fail-safe: just in case you screw up, you might wanna have something to cover the mistake. I don’t have any :S

10. Finally, snap finish: This is where you put everything together. Hold your breath and open your eyes to your modification, people might say it’s a toy, but to me, it’s a time worth spending.

11. Don’t forget to take pictures ^^

If there is anything left out, don't hesitate to add, because this is for all builders out there.

cheers and have a good day, GANBATTE!

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