Sunday, December 20, 2009

The KeyBlade War W.I.P

When Marzz mentioned about the keyblade of Kingdom Hearts, I came up with the ideas of us to produce their own version of keyblades, some of us were already ahead of the progress... So I decided to make mine too heheh... It sucks but I did my best... Part 1 of the KEYBLADE WAR!


 Since you guys start with the circular runner,
I'm joining in too!
Simple math, the circular runner + the sacrificed beam saber

Tadaa... something went wrong in between the runner,
So I taped it up..

G-Wing Z: Looks good with the handling.
Syful: Thanks! ^^
G-Wing Z: And that's it?
Syful: ... uh, not yet, no pla-plates here...
G-Wing Z: I don't care! Find replacemement!
Syful: ... =.='

G-Wing Z: With this, I can conquer the world of hearts!

Well, that's it for tonight, I got a splitting headache and laundry to do, See you on the next episode!


Anonymous said...

Wow... You'd use your MG's beam saber...

Setsuna: ... he's got bigger than mine.
TK402: C'mon size doesn't matter, right?
Setsuna: And your's longer than mine...
TK402: What? Don't look at me like that. Not my idea... *looks at BD77*
Yoko: No matter, I bigger than both of you. :D

Syful said...

All my gundams aren't much of sword user after all eheh

Gundam X: not a sword user?? you used mine for a tooth pick!
GP03: and you used mine to clean you damn ears!
Freedom: I still got mine heheh ^^
Strike: Shut up... I only got knives =.='
MKII: I don;t wanna mention where mine went..

Syful: err.... heheh

Anonymous said...

Your keyblade looks minimalist ^^
Kinda resembles a rapier, which is cool!

Anonymous said...

the circle runner looks good with anything lol seeing all these beam keyblades makes me want to come up with one too :P

Anonymous said...

@rockleelotus: Hoho. I see you also wanted to make a beam keyblade. =D

Syful said...

haha pretty soon we'll have our own blog competition XD