Sunday, December 20, 2009


It's my first visit to such an event, it was great, I met a lot of great bloggers who i be-friended with, Ryu Hayabusa, DH, David John, and JoJoschi. I didn't go to the morning event(It's sunday! I'm allowed to sleep a bit longer!) where there was a anime drawing competition. I didn't know there were 4 DEV MEET event in the past either, and to top it all off, the cosplay competition was a blast! Have a look!

So, here it is!

I guess this is one of the contestant.

Cosplay character: Cloud movie version, would be a score
if he has one wing

Sora? or Roxas... I forgot who this character is, We had fun
discussing how did he kept his hair up LoL


I can figure out Hatsune Miku, a Counter-Strike Character and Pikachu.. I don't
know the rest

And old friend showed up for the event,
didn't know she liked cosplay too ^^

Another view here, see if you know anyone

Cool Abstract of the black eyes and white skin... She's tall too!

No comment.. Hahaha =.='

That's Hatsune Miku... I wanna hear her sing the polka!!
Where's the onion??

That's not how you hold the weapon actually..

From David John of Shewsbury

Feel free to join the dark side with Miku-chan ^^

This guy is equipped with a big camera as his weapon.. 0.o'

Cloud & Roxas.. I think

I know I knew this character from somewhere...

The only good picture I take from My sister's Sony Alpha.

Whats's with the phone anyway?

Dante Sparda waiting his turn

I'm guessing this character is from Nana? Minus the guy LoL

Last but not least, a souvenir from David... Hehehehe

I know some of you guys don't want your name to be shown here, so I'll be discreet, I'm hoping for the next DEV MEET, we'll have Gundam diorama contest, that'll be great!

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