Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hi Fellas!

ING: Syful won't be entertaining you guys but it is I!! the mighty INGRAM!!

RX: Mighty?? Gyahahahaha

*coke can got thrown, direct hit*

ING: So as I was saying, here's the new koto kits line the dude made after Masurao, poor fella, he's went back in the box.. hehehehe

MAS: I heard that!

ING: here we go, he started off the the waist unit, 
it looks like something ugly came out from the Transformer
movie franchise.

ING: This little dude, starting to take form, 
notice that it's just a snap fit build,
He's a little bit down and lazy.

ING:I envy the gun tho...

ING: and the little bugger is happy

ING: So I came in to welcome him

ING: Nuff said~!!

*Syful walks in*

ING: Oh crap!! run like hell!!

Syful: Oii!!! WTF man!!!


Anonymous said...

My, a wave of Koto kits I see you're having.

GunStray said...

Sadly Koto kits are sunk in mud when it comes to canada, and That means a lot of good products were missing out on T_T

But The Bad ass Little mecha there, Not cute, Bad ass!!

Syful said...

I wanna try to do some washing later on and see if i can make some black panel lining automatically

Aya said...

Very Nice.

so you moving from bandai to kotobukiya now ?

chubbybots said...

Wah Syful..all of a sudden so many koto kits lol!!!

I am tempted by the SD white glint...and its so much cheaper than the big version lol...

Syful said...

Aya: Not likely, I like to call it diversify XD

Chubb: Yup, very cheap heheh, I tend to start liking small things now despite my large hands LoL

B-Mecha said...

Welcome to the SD Gang! Muahahaha Spread more poison and join our SD Gang :P