Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Holla everybody.

As some of you know I build Gundam as a hobby(Duh!) And I also told some of you guys that I have never watch any of the Gundam series, NEVER. But today, I broke those statement by buying this

A Gundam 0079 TV Series

Looks entertaining on the back, probably some of
you guys have made a diorama from some of the scene
that I'm going to see.

It looks original, feels original...
but the best part is...

Only cost me THAT much!!

Years and years ago this very boxset I have now, costs BND70 at the time... Worth the wait huh?
Now I can catch up with whatever you guys were talking about in the Gundam universe, so I might need help on what to see next after I finish with this.


bd77 said...

Hate to burst your bubble, is it dubbed or (proper) subbed?

A certain mis-spelled word in the last picture caught my attention.

Syful said...

hahaha I havent tried it yet, i got the receipt tho.

yeaht the mis-spelled SERIER, I forgot to mentioned about that.

Aya said...

woah 10 BND really ??

I watch gundam series but don't really care about them, since only seed I like so far I just like the model kit :)

Syful said...

yeah I need to go back to the very beginning LoL

Syful said...

hahahaha okay I definitely gonna send this back!

the voice acting was original, the subtitles however, were very eFFed up!

Amuro - yabao

Fraw Bow - Mei Mei

Char - commander Ma

I was like WTF?? so yeah, it sucks... Hard!

plutonianrevolver said...

Word of advice, never buy boxed set anime in Brunei. Every single boxed set anime have the most suckiest subtitles ever! LOL

Well I'm not sure if this applies to all but 90% of the time this is true. I don't know if there's any original anime boxed set in Brunei so yeah, just a warning ;D

Best bet would be to torrent and download it yourself, fansubs are mostly good and they don't freaking change the names of the characters!

Syful said...

haha true dat! Unfortunately I don't have a permanent internet line at home. So I don't have the privilege to get torrent download like some other affordable people do LoL

Marzz said...

Great bro! Now you can watch the very first Gundam.

chubbybots said...

Lol commander MA?? That is effing hilarious!!

I also haven't seen the original series yet. Hopefully they can revisit and update it with a new look in the future!

mangyver5223 said...

I hope u can tell to me which episode amuro learn mid- air docking using core fighter (or in other word he learn to combine core fighter with gundam)

Awanz said...

What!? u do gunpla without ever watching gundam series... My advise forget the origin & straight to the latest. Start with Gundam OO. those older Gundam series illustration is crap compared to nowadays standard.

Syful said...

Marzz: unfortunately, its all crap =.='

Chubbs: when you get the update, lemme know! XD

Mangyver: Ah... I haven't seen that part yet, I was like "WTF with the subs???" I switched it off LoL

Awanz: True, but you can't beat classics hahah

Z said...

I've been building Gundam models for awhile before I've laid eyes on my first series too ^^.

After this, you should watch Zeta!