Thursday, December 13, 2012

HGUC Byarlant Custom Snap works

Here's what I've been doing for the past couple of days, Just cleaning up nubs, a few paints, some little modifications and the usual stuff, enjoy!
The limit extend of the neck.
Kinda like Legilis in this unfinished form LoL
Just a few IC pins left. Where to get more ehh....
The flaming armpit starts here, I don't do much details except for the thrusters, because this part is going to be hidden.
The Round PC will be connected to the arm extension.
A few Kotobukiya parts
I painted these to indicate as a port and starboard signals, like in planes and ships.
I wonder where am I going to throw these in the Byarlant...
Oh here's what I got from Miri, pre-cut custom decals! Cheap too!
Anyone can guess what this is? hahaha...
A few dust to clean off.
Looks good from this angle.
Those pipes are tedious to work with!
There's your hand extensions

This kit is worth the value to get, quite hefty to work with, but it's a great kit nonetheless, I'm not going to do much yet on this because of the upcoming EACON and the organizer wants me to finish this as a showcase.


Tsukinari said...

pretty nice WIP :D

next year byarlant.. next year...

Syful said...

Oh hey!!

the layout change back again! woohoo!!

Q said...

I like the details of the thruster nozzles! The aviation navigation lights are thoughtful add-ons!