Saturday, September 17, 2011

Geara Zulu GETTO!!

Not much to be said... It's a cool kit! Let Sarge do the inspection XD

Here's Sarge presenting the new unit.

Oh? Looks like he got a list of it.

Nothing like a good soldier always preparing inventory for new incoming unit.

I just couldn't resist doing it... it's just too cute!

Yeap, for HG... Even Sarge is complaining.

Whoa hey... how the heck did he get my craft knife?

Sarge is all prepped up for this!

Ja na~!


Anonymous said...

Uuu~ Just because you got the 1/144 option hands...

Still... Good thing that you don't have the Geara Doga. Else you'd be facepalming a lot (like I did when build Tsuki's one).

Gundam Gunso said...

Looks like Sarge got some work cut out for him!

Syful said...

BD77: hahah go get one, or a few of them man... It's worth it!

Gunso: hahaha he's the one prepping up. I'm the one doing the work, he just stood there commandeering me around =.='

chubbybots said...

haha get a few of the guards type to go along with this :P Man you really putting this 1/144 custom hands to good use!!

Syful said...

yup yup! It's worth getting it... I got 3!! XD

Tsukinari said...

A GM building a Zulu!??

Whats this?? LOL

and those pics is awesome

Q said...

Sarge sure is making good use of his new hands XD

Lots like there's a lot of cutting work to do, though I wonder what exactly you'll do there :o

Sleeves MS have those fancy crests and carvings on the arms and chests, which look fancy but difficult to colour on (if not using any stickers). After doing those on 3 Dreissens I'm becoming a little hesitant on getting more Sleeves guys for the time being ^^;

Anonymous said...

Love how you make it into a story :)
And the photography is really nice too