Friday, March 04, 2011

Loots Of The Month

Hey everybody,

Despite of my car being out of commission for a while, I managed to get something for my Hoi-sans(3 of them) and a little D-Style for my own stress relief therapy.

D-style AV-X0
I'm gonna bring his other partner next week.

the hand can extend... Interesting

AYE!! Adult collectible! NOT A TOY!

Finally! Hoi-Hoi san's Cradle 

Compared to AV-X0, it's much smaller

The feet are changeable.

As if it looks real when charging the Hoi-san.


Marzz said...

LOL adult collectible.
How "ADULT" is it?

Anonymous said...

Hah~! That would leave those pesky people who thinks these are "merely" toys.

Ho~! Wonder how long would it take you to finish these two items? =D

Aya said...

Type-Zero Nice :D

is that supporter can hold pestxsan and combat-san also ?

Syful said...

Marzz: VERY adult hehehe

BD: As soon as I finish PG.. Or not..

Aya: depending on the connection of each kits' feet, PestX & combat wear boots, but hoi-san wear shoes, which is much to be expected to have the feet at the same size