Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Breaking Boundaries

Up till now Hobby Japan has entertained us with various infos and features that made our wallet screams and our desire heightened up to the point where we drool(most of the time I do that), but the ones that made me and my wallet scream until my wife knocks me over with a remote are these:

Border Break Shrike Type-I

Border Break Shrike Type-V

Border Break Cougar Type-I

Border Break Cougar Type-S

Border Break is an arcade game produced by Sega back in 2009, unfortunately it doesn't reach our shores for some unknown reason. But it comes to mind that with this kinda kit makes me wanna forget all my gunpla for a bit and venture forth into the Kotobukiya world once again for their amazing details and design...

Thats it. I'm sold!!


Anonymous said...

Border Break kits? Be sure to see Dalong's review before breaking into them, e.g:

Top coat IS a must.

Syful said...

Dalong again.... I thought he does gunpla only?

Aya said...

Like the first one =)
well buy if you like it

Anonymous said...

The Border Break is a nice way to break from Gunpla. The Shrike Type V looks really cool :D

Ow by the way, I've add your blog to my blogroll ^^