Wednesday, December 11, 2013

RG Destiny Gundam

Hi Guys,

I'm just checking with the photo settings, so far I'm satisfied with the outcome, only Facebook is fucking up with the sharpness of my posted photos there....

A few silver here and there

Only faced a few problems here such as the nubs are very near to some detailed parts.

Some intricate details are really amazing.

some scratches during my micro-grooving process.

And he is 70% combat ready.



Kevin Feng said...

hello,im a newbie on gunpla world :)
this RG Destiny was pretty cool! wish i could bought him
spend my first budget on RG Strike Freedom (if you would like, please visit my blog)

Deddia Permana said...

hi, hoho rg is grade that i loved Mygundamtricks

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