Saturday, June 18, 2011

MC Hi-Nu Gundoom WIP Part 1

When the Sarge is done for the entry, I thought I'd give this new... (I dunno whether you wanna call it a bootleg or not, but it looks way cool than the original) kit a chance to shine with a new addition pla-plates and a brand new art/craft knife. After analyzing through and through about the kit, I started out with the shoulder.

Very Tedious job these....

I measured the top angle and the bottom of those middle space
and measure it onto the plate, which is very hard to do, since the plate
does move a lot, especially when you have greasy fingers!

And that's just the shoulder pads!

I'm winging it on those side plates, made sure they were of the right 
rectangular side.

And on that side too... the yellow thing down there is the new art/craft knife,
with a dozen blade spares that can be put inside the yellow canister!
Oh.. rubber grip... I like XD

This is the sword forearm, I kinda wanna do the trapezium shaped,
but thanks to my greasy hands the measurement was F***ed and in the end I 
made it look like stone steps going uphill in a village.. =.='

the scribbling sucks, I pressured that line to make it visible. *mind note* next time, make it subtle!!

This was kinda easy/not easy to make, since I have to scale it down.

And... Last but not least...

Nothing related, this is one of those day when you are having a
 break and crazy thing comes to mind XD XD XD


Tom said...

you should try taping the pla sheets so you can cut it more better.

Also, were you bored when you painted that can? XD

Syful said...

taping eh? hmm... I think I'm beginning to understand that...

the can wasn't painted no, it's the tilting of the can that made it looks cool, I just covered the brush up the brand, they're not gonna pay me for advertisement anyway LOL

h4msterworld said...

How come the can tilt like that?? Really nice plaplates work man:D

Syful said...

LOL!! just make sure you tilt it slowly without making all the liquid move too much, and also, drink only 1/3 of it XD

Thanks, its a tedious work!

redmage20386 said...

now this is a nice mod :)

i've seen many gundoom lately :D

Anonymous said...

hi can anybody tell me where to get the tools, paint and top coat in malaysia?

heathorn said...

a pepsi can? eheheh
as for the plaplate on the shoulders, you may want to try not to do butt jointed, but do it with a groove termination instead.