Friday, July 09, 2010

10000 KILL COUNT!!!

Hi gang!

Finally I reached the bench mark of 10K, thanks to all of you who visit my blog and made crazy comments *ehem*BD*

Thanks to Chubbs, who got me going with my blog, BD with his crazy ideas, Marzz, Mafty, Faddy, Gunpla Gaijin, David John (Bila lepak?) Moe-moe with his ridiculous but fun rants, The B-Mage Clan, DC23 (Proud to be Pinoy guy, thanks for lotsa info & tutorials) and those too many to mention. Thanks for all your support!

Thanks to Chong Hock for poisoning me & supplying me with the kits. XD

But yeah, let build more so we can save more plastics and make it into decorations!

Here's something to get me going

something I made last night.. I dunno why..

Always loved Mio rocking it out...

Oh? And who is this?


Anonymous said...

LOL~! Nyahahaha, ze...
And that's the reason on why I got myself Marisa (she's missing a nut, somehow).
Why does it look like Mio is shy but wanting to rock-on?...

Heheh, thanks for the mention, ze.

Haruhi: Betcha can't do the riff at high-speed while doing a knee-slide.

Syful said...

OHO..... I got someone to do that... she's not out of the box yet XD

chubbybots said...

Haha congrats man! Thanks for crediting me on starting the blog haha ^^ Its all through your own efforts really!

Whoohoo Jamming session in progress!!
Why not give to combat san haha!