Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UP FOR GRABS! (Bruneians only... sorry guys)

Hi gang! here's the story, my wife bought something for in Sabah while i was working back home, I was excited when I saw the box, but something hit me that wasn't quite right, a perfect grade Zaku doesn't come with a small MG size box, turns out, she bought me a rare item, it's a PG Zaku custom set clear body & weapons!

here's the box

yeah... we know...

the coolest thing here, I don't need to explain here do I?

weapon parts

some body parts with accessories.

I'm guessing this is the stick grenades

Main body parts.

I want to get the PG zaku, unfortunately the production date on the box says it was 1999, more than 10 years ago! I doubt there's still some PG zaku products left in this world, So I'm thinking to sell it off, so how about it Zaku fans? Bidding starts at $60.


Evaritus Lau said...

Ah, where she bought this ? KK Toys ?

Actually the PG Zaku still available, still seing PG Char's Zaku & the normal green Zaku selling around MYR400+, but if lucky enough could find somewhere around MYR300++.

Syful said...

I dunno where she bought in Sabah, probably KKtoys, if thats the case, I'm looking for PG char Zaku, if it's selling at that price, I wouldn't mind buying the PG! XD

MobiusZero said...

These PG stuff are rare to find

moemoekyun said...

man check hlj they still selling PG zaku II char's or you can backorder the stuff

mangyver5223 said...

I recomended that betteer not to sell because of its rareness

Evaritus Lau said...

Rare or not, there's some in KK Toys though. Haha lolz.

divinelight said...

it's PG and Zaku.
well not that I like grunt unit though. Good luck for finding the buyer.

by the way, I'm moving to new site, please update my link in blogroll, sorry for that and thanks.

MaftyNavue said...


this is kinda make me...

happy and sad at the same time..

GunStray said...

So its a PG with limited armor plating and no option to switch back from Clear to pink/red armor, surely char would be pissed^^;;

Nice I keep it for while though^^